Big Dango (Goblin) is a free company nestled along the outskirts of Shirogane and the law, dedicated to the betterment of its community through hard work and a thirst for gil. Everyone is welcome, provided they can prove their worth and line up straight. With a structure loosely inspired by the Lominsan Maelstrom, ‘Gigs’ are managed by the Roegadyn Gucci, and given relative autonomy so long as they ultimately bring in their Take—generally, by any means necessary.

  • Mercenary/military RP,
  • A point-based job system, The Rice Token Leaderboard,
  • Dynamic jobs procured from the community,
  • Monthly meetups for competitive Take Collection,
  • Weekly writing prompts and activities,
  • An organic, ongoing story & missions,
  • Company grounds, Lofts 1 & 2,
  • Newbie friendly,
  • Opportunities for all kinds of game content,
  • Option to work at our speakeasy, Blood Money,
  • Movie nights,
  • Drinking games,
  • Fashion advice!


Our values are respect, loyalty, commitment and integrity. Gigs are asked to take them to heart and keep them in mind when interacting with other people. Never be the one who starts a fight, makes someone else’s gaming experience a poor one, or ruins their day. The “community” part of DANGO is about the guild itself as well as the people we inhabit the world with.


What's 'dango?'

This! A Japanese sweet dumpling. You've likely seen them around. Typically, they're stacked green, white, and pink.

Is DANGO 'bad?'

On the surface, DANGO falls between lawful neutral and lawful evil. Everyone is free to determine their own leanings, so long as they follow the rules of the organization and remember that actions that reflect poorly on the Company will carry consequences.

How old is DANGO?

We're just over two years old!

Is DANGO inclusive?

We welcome individuals from all walks of life and strive to give members a safe, comfortable space to play in.