RP Guidelines

DANGO is an RP medium+ FC.
(IC = In character, OOC = Out of character)

  • Respect guild culture & structure. Blatant IC neglect to follow the rules can lead to OOC consequences. You’re not required to roleplay, but you are required to respect it, as well as the culture of the guild. We have an IC CWLS that you’re encouraged to use, but it is not mandatory.
  • Don’t godmod. It’s the worst and no one will want to interact with you. Heed What We’re Looking For.
  • Keep NSFW content and language in private channels. That’s /tell, /party, or /say if your players are alone. Make sure everyone is aware of possible 18+ content. If there’s even potential for things to contain adult themes—be they sexual, violent, or otherwise—make sure everyone’s OK with it. This includes explicit language.
  • DANGO is not an ERP-focused guild. We are not here to fulfill your Own Personal Romance. If that is something that is important to you, look outside the guild for it or find another one.

Don’t be intimidated if you don’t have much RP experience! The best RPers are the ones who are willing to try and learn. We’re always happy to help you flesh out your character or story if you need a hand getting started.

Take Collection

Roll call! Once a month, Gigs are assembled to hear announcements, and their earnings are reviewed by The Commander. This ‘Take’ is a minimum of 100,000 gil, which is taken and supposedly invested in the guild.

The Gig who reaches Take with the highest total will win a prize (art, in-game items, etc) and a special, temporary title. All proceeds will be deposited into the guild bank and used for company crafting and future contests.

Take Collection is IC only and there are no OOC consequences to not making the cut.

Inside & Outside Jobs

To make Take’s 100k minimum, Gigs need only complete a couple Company Jobs a month. Inside Jobs range from defeating enemies in record time, to beating mercenaries at Triple Triad, to making a killing off retainer sales on any given day. Outside Jobs are procured through the greater community, and may involve working security shifts at venues or weddings, playing bodyguard, providing crafting services, and so on. Hard working Gigs make big gil!

What We're Looking For

DANGO mercs are not superheroes or anime protagonists. They’re sellswords, soldiers, spellcasters, gladiators, information gleaners, wanderers, tradesmen. Some of them are known to have the Echo, while others are better in tune with the movement of aether than the average Eorzean.

The DANGO Relative Power Gauge

We prefer to keep our power levels on the more grounded side—as far as FFXIV is concerned, anyway! Your character should not exceed the average power level of the guild (over 9000?!). We encourage you to set goals and gradually work towards them, rather than come in, fireballs blazing. We are not currently accepting:

  • Warriors of Light,
  • Mary Sues / Gary Stus,
  • Characters that would be unlikely to join a mercenary company (too powerful or so wealthy that money is no object)

Stuff Outside of Our Scope

Some concepts, as outlined below, don’t really fit within our culture, but we are always open to working with prospective recruits to find solutions.


Some jobs are restricted, uncommon, or have other serious lore implications. For more information, check out Roleplaying Tips Regarding Jobs and Just How Obscure is that Job Crystal? If you plan to play any of the following jobs IC, you will be asked to justify them, or we can work with you to find alternatives:

  • Out-of-control Dark Knight (“fighter with a big sword” is ok),
  • Black/White Mage or open practitioner of illegal magic (skilled Conjurer or Thaumaturge is ok),
  • Reaper or person with prominent ties to the Void,
  • Custom vocations that have very little footing in FFXIV lore


The following concepts do not generally fall into our culture:

  • Raging Emo, Feel My Pain,
  • Evil Just To Be Evil,
  • Garlean Imperials,
  • Immortals, Primals, Voidsent,
  • Supernatural beings (vampires, werewolves, etc),
  • Named NPCs or lore-breaking characters
  • Way out there ideas that can only be backed up by impossible circumstances or are solely based on that one thing the WoL saw one time out on another planet

How to Get Yourself Kicked Out

  • Don’t walk in and pull the rebellious teen routine and disrespect our Chain of Command ‘because that’s what your character would do.’ Think of it like this: it’s your right to play your character authentically, and it’s our right to authentically fire them for it.
  • Don’t sign up and presume you’re the most powerful thing in the guild, able to wield untold magics and cast mercs aside without breaking a sweat. We’ve seen this 100x, and it never works out the way you think it will.