Get in touch!

We’re always looking for great people to join the ranks. For more information, feel free to jump in our Discord help channel to ask questions.

Prospective recruits are required to fill out a brief OOC application. Upon submission, our officers will get in touch to set up a quick in-character interview. This interview is not in-depth and is mostly intended to get a feel for if a recruit understands what roleplay is and to get some creative juices flowing.

What We're Looking For

DANGO mercs are not superheroes or anime protagonists. They’re sellswords, soldiers, spellcasters, gladiators, information gleaners, wanderers, tradesmen. Some of them are known to have the Echo, while others are better in tune with the movement of aether than the average Eorzean.

Check out our RP Guidelines for more info.

Working With Dango

DANGO is an FC dedicated to its member base. We aim to maintain a tightknit community with a strong culture, and that requires mercs to engage with other Gigs, their officers, and be present on our Company grounds. For this reason, we will only accept applicants with a character on Goblin who can join the FC.

Want to get involved with DANGO but already have an FC? Most of our activities are exclusive to Gigs, but we have a couple avenues of introduction to our Company members.

Blood Money is our RP heavy venue. A speakeasy and smoke lounge hidden beneath Mist, it is often manned by members of DANGO. Feel free to stop by when we’re open—maybe you’ll meet some of our mercs on the floor!

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