Code of conduct

  1. DANGO is a no-drama FC.
    No drama means OOC conflicts especially, but can extend to IClly consistently causing trouble or not following the rules. Every member is expected to be able to handle themselves like adults and finger pointing, pettiness, passive aggression, and so on, will not be tolerated. Failure to follow this rule will lead to inevitable dismissal.
  2. DANGO’s RL age requirement is 22+
    Members are expected to demonstrate a basic level of maturity and decorum, and be mindful of our values of respect, loyalty, commitment and integrity. Do not:

    • spam chat channels,
    • swear excessively,
    • primarily speak in meme/uwu/CAPS,
    • interrupt or talk over others in voice,
    • flirt with all your guildies.

    Keep the mush to yourself, IC or OOC. Excessive PDAs and flirting do not fall within our vibe.

  3. Public channels are PG-13.
    That’s FC, CWLS, and Discord. Dilute your language/themes here, and your character’s, if necessary. When in doubt, consider if you would see the content in question in FFXIV itself.
  4. Respect your fellow players.
    Don’t be a jerk. This goes for both in-game and Discord interactions. Don’t put others down, and realize that everyone plays differently. Harassment of any member of the game community will not be tolerated. Respect boundaries and don’t push people to discuss topics that they express discomfort with.
  5. Avoid elitism, exclusivity and bragging.
    DANGO is a relatively casual guild and that’s not what we’re here for. Sometimes we get competitive, ie. Take, but otherwise, there’s no need to one up your friends. Keep public discussion of parses to a minimum.
  6. Avoid cliques.
    Make an effort to get to know your fellow Gigs and maybe reach out to someone you haven’t played with before! Try not to run everything or only RP with the same couple people.
  7. Don’t be a whiner and avoid negativity.
    No one logs in to listen to you complain. If something isn’t to your liking and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, move on from it. DANGO is a place for good vibes, and negativity is contagious.

DANGO is not a democracy. While leadership is here to serve you to the best of our ability, and feedback is appreciated, at the end of the day it’s up to the Commander to plot guild direction.

Regarding membership: DANGO will never recruit blindly. We’re looking for quality over quantity, which means being active and having a good attitude.

Have fun out there!